Thursday, January 12, 2017

Platinum Games is very disappointed by the cancellation of Scalebound

After four (or even more!) years, Microsoft has canceled the development of exclusive Scalebound, which was forged in the walls of Platinum Games. It is unknown why the company gave up the game, but the two sides have begun to give cautious comments.
A formal appeal was published at Platinum Games website. The studio is very disappointed with this ending. The developers really wanted to release Scalebound and knew that this action awaited by many. Platinum Games promises to continue to make high-quality products and offers to pay attention to their future games: NieR: Automata, Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link and the Lost Order.
Hideki Kamiya, the head of Scalebound apologizes and also promises that will still continue to work on exciting games. He threatens to make every effort so this situation will not happen again in the future. In addition, Kamiya has denied rumors that the creation Scalebound was given so heavy that he had to take a break and patched psychological wounds.

Finally, the boss of Microsoft gaming division, Phil Spencer calls abolition Scalebound heavy solution, which, however, should benefit the holders of the Xbox (whatever that means). But Spencer confident in his company's lineup of games in the 2017th.