Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NieR: Automata won't be late on the PC

Square Enix and Platinum Games in PlayStation Experience 2016 finally announced the release date of NieR: Automata. But it was not clear whether the concerns cherished date of release of the computer.
However, the problem was resolved fairly quickly: the representative of Square Enix confirmed to the resource PC Gamer, that action with an android in a short skirt will appear on computers and PlayStation 4 on the same day. That is, March 7 in North America and on March 10 - in Europe and Australia.
System requirements and other details PC-version are not yet known. But we know that in NieR: Automata will have autopilot mode - you can go through the game, even if the control on the keyboard and mouse will be very very Japanese!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Disney is in a panic from the first spin-off of "Star Wars"?

Portal PageSix (they first talked about casting of Alden Ehrenreich for the role of Han Solo) reports that Disney is extremely disappointed with the current state of the movie "Rogue One. Star Wars: The Stories ", the project will receive additional four weeks of scale shootings in July.

The picture tells about the time interval between the 3d and the 4th episodes of the series when the rebels have decided on a risky mission to steal the plans of the Death Star. If you believe the rumors, Darth Vader must appear in the movie and become a real problem for the protagonists.

As reported by insiders, Disney believes that the current version of the film will not reach the level set by George. George. Abrams last year with the "Awakening Forces."
It is not clear how to react to it. Two billion in worldwide box office is certainly much, no doubt, but still the film came out not ideal, but the expectations of viewers around the world were very high. It would be foolish to expect the same from "Rogue One." The film will be released on December 15, 2016.

Casino in Cambodia suffer losses

Recently, 168 Chinese citizens have been arrested on charges of creating a criminal syndicate network. Occurred in Sihanoukville, Cambodia's arrest had a hurmful impact on employees, customers and investors of casinos and hotels. Detainees are suspected that they extorted money from Chinese citizens using the Internet and mobile phones.

The suspects were deported. Casino Management has been forced to suspend work places. Serious losses suffered from the raid and the representatives of the hotels industry. Cambodian websites with casino games intend to contact the local authorities for information about the further actions of police officers. Currently, the economic situation of the country is deteriorated.

Intel released ten-core processor for gamers

Intel continues to surprise, releasing more and more efficient processors for a variety of purposes. At this time, another novelty was presented at the Computex event. This line is Extreme Edition chips.
The most productive chipset proved ten-core Core i7, running at rated frequency - 3 GHz without problems overclock to 3.5 GHz and up to 20 streams cheated. The price tag of the processor is 1723 dollars.
For better understanding why all this performed chip is needed, representatives of the company had to give an example. Leaders who advised the professionals to create such a monster are sure that there is a person who simultaneously plays in a very resource-intensive game in a 4K definition, and records what is happening on the hard drive and all this translates into Twitch in high definition.
The company claims that the use of the processor, rendering 3D-content is accelerated 3 times, video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro - 4 times, and the contraction in HandBrake - by 20% in comparison with the Core i7-5960X, the most productive of the previous generation chip.
We should not forget about the other representatives of the Extreme Edition line: Eight-Core i7-6900K (1089 dollars), the six-core Core i7-6850K (617 dollars) and most accessible - the six-core Core i7-6800K (434 dollars).